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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Top Indie Picks

Autumn Cozy curated by Crafts of Texture on Etsy

Here are some of the autumnal handmade items that are inspiring me lately.

Please go check out the boards over on Etsy where you can buy directly from the makers!

Have a wonderful day... Sara x

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

CRAFT BUSINESS: Craft Stalls...Confidence on the Stand.

I you are like me... shyness and a lack of confidence can make running a stall at a craft event a very daunting thing.
I've talked at small talking events, showed at lots of craft events, stood up in front of buyers to sell my ranges into their stores (when I worked in fashion) and taught at national craft events... each and every time I suffer with panic attacks... Now don't get me wrong I'm not expecting you to do the same (and I hope you never do)... my personal journey through this very personal struggle is quite a different thing... but I don't want you to feel that you are alone in worrying about your first craft stall experience... you are not alone... we all worry and we all understand how you feel.
What is really important when you are on your stall is to not show your nerves... the last thing you want is to put someone off of approaching you, because you look like you are going to be really quite sick!
Here are some steps I think you can take to help give you a little confidence on the stand and make you look more approachable.
  1. Dress confidently and comfortably... if you feel well dressed, then you will naturally exude a level of confidence.
  2. Position yourself so that you can be seen and approached easily... no hiding! This gives customers an immediate point of contact... if they can't see you, then they may just walk by. This will also force you to be more personable.
  3. Have Conversation Starters... try to have something on the stand that people can ask about. This can be something you are working on, or something you have made, or an idea of how to wear a garment/accessory you are selling. Having customers approach you with questions will stop you from wondering how to make that first connection.
  4. Look up, get eye contact and SMILE! Say Hello... the warmer you seem, the more likely someone will allow your stall 5 more seconds of looking before they walk on... that 5 seconds could be enough to secure a sale. NEVER, NEVER sit there like you are sucking a lemon... regardless of how badly you are doing (and we all have days like that)... no-one will approach you if you don't smile.
Next time we will talk about remembering to eat healthy on the stall and why that is important... you can find this under the Craft Business category.

What are your experiences? What is your advice on craft stalls?... Sara x

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Monday, 20 October 2014

CRAFT BUSINESS: ... a resource.
Today's resource is

The premise of this site is to give information on products, resources and news relevant to small UK businesses... now those of you overseas, may think some of the issues on this site are not for you... but do bear in mind that if you are importing to the UK, some of the issues that effect UK businesses, may in turn effect you.

As an on-line only resource it is extremely useful and so I'm recommending it to you. This is more the business of small business, rather than related directly to the crafts industry, but non the less a site worth bookmarking!

I hope you find this useful... Sara x

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

CRAFT BUSINESS: Craft Stalls... Top 6 Things to Remember to Take to a Craft Show.

Here are my top 6 things to remember to take to a craft show;
  1. Stock List - bullet point items, but be comprehensive in terms of details like colour choice (if there is one) and price etc. This is a great way to locate a price and stock information if you are busy and customers have specific questions. It is also imperative for the all important STOCK TAKE! 
  2. Organised Stock Boxes - the last thing you want to do is to be hunting down items you know you have, but not sure where... especially if you have a potential customer in front of you. This is one I always try to practise, but on my largest stalls I still need to be ever mindful of (you learn with every show).
  3. Float Money - always make sure you have enough change to process sales quickly and efficiently without having to run off to find change from a fellow stall holder.
  4. Important Admin - always take your paperwork for each show with you, not just show stand details (for reference on electric points, stall size and safety, etc), but also your insurance cover, risk assessments, important phone numbers and van booking details where necessary. Having paperwork to hand is always a helpful thing, each show is different and will require different approaches.
  5. Note pads, pens, a receipt book - these will help you record special orders, customer details for mailing lists and other thoughts.
  6. Business cards - hand one to every customer and allow potential customers to take one too. Have all of the relevant contact details on these... business name, web address, phone number, email and your name.
Next time we will talk about confidence on the stall... you can find this under the Craft Business category.

What are your experiences? What is your advice on craft stalls?... Sara x

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