Thursday, 5 March 2015

SHOP UPDATE: New Yarns colours & Straight from the Farm Tops!

Today's update is a nice spot of newness for me... I have some overwashed yarns (a new production dye technique for me) and some extra variegated yarns too.

Then there are some Straight from the Farm Tops in some really lovely breed bases...

All of these are available at

Have a wonderful day... Sara x

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dreaming in Fibre Podcast Episode 49 – Breathing is Good!

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This is a monthly podcast by Sara's Texture Crafts.

Thank you to new and existing viewers, I hope you enjoy the show!

TIME IN REVIEW: Oh my breathing is good!

  • Next Colour Club - Order Here
  • New Straight from the farm tops including Wensleydale crosses and Jacob crosses… all great to spin with. You can find these here.
  • Finally some new overdyed and variegated colours on Yarn! Find these here.


  • FINISHED - Vulcan Socks in Austermann Sock Yarn, colour Vulcan.
  • FINISHED – 3 skeins of Handspun yarn.
  • WORKING ON - Wave by Kirsten Finlay in my colour Silver on my Shine Base.
  • WORKING ONGilet court d'été by Marie Adeline Boyer with my Malachite Silky Base (old line, but colour still available).
  • WORKING ON – Mum’s Cheeky Socks in Sirdar’s Heart and Sole, colour Hello Cheeky.
  • SWATCHED – Blue and Silver Made to measure Sweater.


Thank you for spending your time with me today… Until Next time, keep Dreaming in Fibre!
Sara x


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